I am currently offering a complimentary twenty-minute consultation session. I will answer your questions and discuss your unique needs, goals, anticipated breakthroughs, and vision for your life and business. This is a valuable opportunity for you to determine whether my Transformational Programs would be a good fit for you with no risk.

Our conversation may create a powerful breakthrough in your life. Are you ready to begin now to transform and improve every aspect of your life?

You have nothing to lose!

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Please think about these questions so that we can be prepared to respond to your specific needs and questions and explore together a path to achive what you are looking for.

What do you want to change in your personal life or business?

What do you want to learn about change and transformation?

What results do you want to achieve?

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you.

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Rita George

"When I began working with you, Rita, I had been experiencing growing discontent, doubt, anxiety, fear, depression, isolation, and I had become desperate to find relief. What I found was much more than relief.  Rita, your laser-like focus immediately cut through the layers of confusion and fear I was swimming in during my years as an undergraduate student.  Now at the age of 22, I have the clarity and courage I needed to make the choice to fully face and take responsibility for my life. With your guidance, I started down the path that was truly my own, and not simply a regurgitation of the values and goals I had been indoctrinated with."

JS, Musician

Rita George

Rita George