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I believe every human being is incredibly powerful. I also believe that mysteries and wisdom beyond our wildest dreams reside in our hearts. They unfold within us with a richness that is sometimes overwhelming in its complexity and perfection. But it's really quite simple. Fear prevents us from seeing clearly these powers within. Love enables them to unfold successfully.


Conscious choice makes a difference between living with fear, or with love, and its power to create limitless, profound growth. We can resist change, or embrace it, to create powerful transformation. We can stay stuck in the past and be afraid of the future, or we can perceive every day as an opportunity to create a more fulfilling, meaningful, adventuresome, and fun life. We can live with hardship, obstacles, and suffering, or we can jump over the edge that holds us back from growing, learning, evolving, and achieving. We can feel powerless, helpless, restless, and hopeless, or we can create clarity, focus, direction, and balance. We can create adversarial relationships, or synergistic ones. The choices are endless, but every decision leads us to create powerful outcomes reflecting either fear, or love.


Once we acknowledge our innate wisdom, ask for guidance, and listen for the answer, we will eventually access insight. The development of this talent requires trust in our inner self. Like the development of any new skill, it will take practice to become proficient at discerning messages. The process requires patience. At first, we may feel frustrated because we don't find immediate answers. Trust that the answer will come. It could take a second, five minutes, a week, or a month. When the time is right, you will receive the message. One thought I keep in mind when wanting to access insight is, "I cannot push the river. A river flows with its own natural rhythm." Once we ask for guidance, our inner spirit begins to formulate a plan. The plan will evolve in its own natural rhythm. So when you ask for help, be patient, have faith, allow the plan to unfold, and pay attention to what is occurring.


By owning our power, taking responsibility for our lives, and accessing inner wisdom, we feel empowered to act upon our inner messages and to achieve results. Commitment plus action send a powerful signal that this is a top priority and that we are serious about our goals. The subconscious needs to know we mean business, that we intend to remove obstacles in our path. Once we give our word and begin to take action, we demonstrate that we are serious about our goals. We have the necessary courage to successfully face the challenges. The focusing of these new powers and qualities then becomes its own challenge.


If our thoughts are negative and we dwell on limitations and insufficiency, we create scarcity. Our thinking reinforces our belief that "There is not enough," which builds fear, greed, and competition. Instead of focusing on achieving our goals, we focus on keeping others from achieving theirs, or racing to keep ahead of them. If our thoughts are negative, we also dwell on futility, doubt, or insufficiency. These thoughts limit our perception of reality; they influence our mood and how we function in the outer world.

"Stories from the Edge is compelling reading and difficult to put down. With Rita George’s Nine Principles, learning how the past and present are connected and how to tap into your inner resources and subconscious mind, you are guaranteed to have a more fulfilling life."

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Past President, National Speaker’s Association, author of Get What You Want

"Rita’s wonderful book, Stories from the Edge, will give you insight into how to achieve greater personal fulfillment.  Her fascinating stories will enable you to see how you can apply the Nine Principles to transform your life and live a life of grace and ease."

Ann Roulac, Catalyst, Strategist and author of Power, Passion and Purpose

"In Stories from the Edge, Rita George has captured a practical step by step approach that will help you to confront your demons and subtle fears and heal past emotional patterns that are holding you back.  This book is a real life-changer—even for those who believe they have their act together."

Matthew C. Heim, Ph.D., Visionary Strategist, author of Breaking the Musashi Code

"Stories from the Edge shines a bright light on the path to personal growth and transformation.  Rita George has developed a brilliant road map that shows you just how it’s done."

Terry Andrews, author of Dance of the Jaguar

"I have the tools to let go of negative thinking and fear and handle adversity and obstacles with confidence and ease. Whenever I am stuck, I use the Nine Principles to evaluate where I am and then design an action plan to achieve immediate results."

LT, Health Consultant

"Rita, your passion, wisdom and commitment to transformation is inspiring and life-changing. Working with your program, I faced and overcame subtle fears and emerged having achieved a higher level of freedom and happiness."

AW, ED, Trade Association

Rita George